i might get to see evelyn again next week ^_^ *pleads with parents to let him steal the car for a day or two* hopefully they won’t be needing it and they’ll let me go… but i think they might be needing it… grr… ^^;; *crosses fingers* it’s for a good cause, too! i’ll be helping her move back into randy-mac! ^_^;

and i’ve gotta go and call up my temp agency about doing more work. hopefully it’ll be with that fti place that really liked me. ^_^

my model is coming along alright… not bad for not doing models in such a long time ^_^; most of the pieces are all snap-together… but i probably shouldn’t have spraypainted one side of the models… makes it really hard to fit everything together properly… ^^;;

i can’t wait to get working on my next music video idea… too bad that imovie won’t let me go and import anything that isn’t a digitial video stream into it… that means i can’t go and work on it in there. unless i go and re-encode my akira files. but that’ll make them HUGE filesize-wise. grr. *hugs the 3ivx codec* 100 meg files at full size and full quality go down to 60 megs! woo! ^_^

and i’ve got to mow the lawn. poo. 😛

but other than that last bit, i’m pretty happy today. ^_^