dammit, i think too much. i should really just go and take my own advice. >_<;; i can't wait for otakon, and i'm glad i found people to substitute for me so i can be there all the time, but then again, i... ***we interrupt this message to bring you a special bulletin*** go to and click on the link for “comic” and then on the link for “chapters”.

*** that is all. ***

… what the hell was that?! criminy! can’t even carry on a simple livejournal entry without someone coming in and cluttering up the screen! >.>


i’m in too much of a general blah mood to really say anything meaningful, and i’m too sleepy to say anything coherent. ^^;; i realize that while many other people share similar problems, why do i always have to feel alone?

life needs a support-group.

and i feel like asking luke to go and open up The Fund again. (yes, i’m now referring to his attempt at getting people to pitch in to the “get glenn laid fund” as “The Fund”. it deserves capitalization!) there seems to be a lack o’ wimmen in the annapolis area! as one of my co-workers complained the other day at work, all the cute girls that come into tower have to bring their boyfriends along with them. i have to agree with him. ^_^;; but nobody at work gives him any sympathy, ‘cos he gets to maintain the porn section, hehehe.