you just need a little… persuasion. *cracks knuckles* persuade 'em, otto!

Kinda long post, please bear with me. 🙂

When I first recieved the public beta I was able to install it with no problems. Hard drive space issues soon had me reclaim my partitions. A month or two later, I tried to install it again but then I had a problem with the computer hanging and the cd-cursor forever spinning on startup from the install cd. I was also having startup problems with systems 9.0.4 / 9.1 at the same time, which was fixed after calling Apple several times and having the video card replaced twice, the cpu once, and the motherboard once as well. None of these repairs fixed the problem with the public beta able to install.

When the final version of OS X came out I wasn’t able to install that either. I would get as far as the installer screens and it would crash (each time at a different screen in the installer) before I was able to tell the software to install. I tried to install OS X on two different computers (one was exactly the same as mine except that one had a DVD-ROM instead of a DVD-RAM) and had no problems whatsoever with those installations.

Now since my warranty is going to be up in exactly a month from today, I decided to try installing OS X again, and this time it installed on the first try! There’s only one problem – no matter if I’m using 10.0, 10.0.1, 10.0.3, or 10.0.4 the computer always seems to crash at random. There’s never any kernel panic, force-quitting doesn’t do a thing, I’ve reverted to a stock configuration, and it still crashes. When trying to reinstall the software the install cd starts crashing on me all over again.

I’ve searched various forums and messageboards and haven’t seen anyone with this exact same problem. Any suggestions on how I can go about tracking down / fixing this problem? Or should I call up Apple and tell them (yet again) that my Apple is really a lemon?

Thanks in advance,

Glenn Fitzpatrick

System: G4 400 Sawtooth, 64 MB RAM (stock) upgraded to 320 MB, 10 GB drive (stock), 45 GB drive, DVD-RAM

me: i’m complaining about my problem on different messageboards, and i’m going to call up apple soon and get mad at them, hehe

mike, my cousin: you tell them glenn

me: hehe

mike, my cousin: and if they dont do anything send them a strong worded letter

mike, my cousin: ruff em’ up if you have to

me: hehe

me: i’ll persuade them, hehe ~_^

mike, my cousin: if they dont do what you want bad stuff might happen

mike, my cousin: like things mightt start breaking

mike, my cousin: or people might get hurt

mike, my cousin: 😎

tomorrow, apple’s going to be glad that i’m here and they’re all the way over there ~_^