you do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around…

…that’s what it’s all about! ^_^

dad took the saturn today even though it was supposed to stay home so i could practice with it. ^^;;;

went to work today. went to take the bus, but for some reason (even though i had taken this bus and seen it pick up a guy from the same stop before) the bus went right by the stop i was at. 😛 so mom had to drive me to work. ^^;;

didn’t take a break because i was pretty busy all day. so from 1:45 to 7:30 i stood up and shelved cds and helped customers find their cds. it wasn’t that boring, but now my legs are killing me! ^^;;; at least we can wear what we like. ^_^

and it was really odd having this one girl i work with say that i looked familiar. apparently she has a really good memory when it comes to people’s faces, and so after some investigation we figured out that she saw me one year during a one-week band camp sometime around 5th – 8th grade. that’s kinda spooky to be remembered from something like that that was from over 5 years ago. o_o