wowie zowie!

got the job at tower – i go in on thursday for a little bit of training (since the first official day that i’d work is a friday, and friday-sunday are really busy days). ^_^

some observations:

– the manager guy at the tower in annapolis (scott) is a cool guy who knows what’s going on and has a great sense of humor

– tower is known for having everything – scott once wanted nametags and people to answer the phone with “tower records – we’ve got tons of shit nobody wants”, because chances are they just probably do have that one album you can’t find anywhere else (which is true – i speak from experience, hehe)

– of all the places that don’t do drug testing that probably should, tower is one of them

anyways. the interview basically consisted of “let’s say that i’m a customer and i want a cd by insert obscure musician here. the database either doesn’t list the genre or has the genre mislabeled. my house is burning down, my car is double-parked, my wife is going into labor, and i’ve got to get out of here in 5 minutes… what do you do?” other than that, scott and i just chatted and he told me stories of crazy customers, like one who wanted to get “rocky horror picture show” which wasn’t going to be released until august 2 (for example), and today was june 7. apparently this guy’s roommate told him that it was august 2 already. ^^;;

so then i headed to the mall to treat myself to some eats at hibachi-san, and then headed back home. ^_^