working and whining

woke up on time today, got to work on time, and worked a lot. they up- down- side-graded me from stuffing binders (woo – now my hands don’t feel all cut up! ^^) to stuffing envelopes now. it’s not that bad, though. i just have to do a lot of counting and put these brochures and cards into these giant envelope-thingies.

and i’ve worked for about 7 hours every day this week. it’s nice that i’m making with the money, but man does it get exhausting doing this every… single… day… ^^;; and i won’t even really get the weekend to relax for next week (nope! gotta work weekends at tower!) and tomorrow is going to be a really hectic day… i have to work downtown stuffing envelopes from 9-1, then at 3-something i have a dentist appointment, and then after that i work from whenever that finishes until 5 hours 45 minutes after that… ^^;; so i’m not going to be done rushing about until sometime between 10-11 pm. woo…. i’ll be working for almost 13 hours total tomorrow. ^^;;;;

and at work today i kinda did a boo-boo… accidentally knocked this bowl with rubberbands in it on the floor in the mailroom… as i saw it fall i thought “that better be plastic” just before it shattered into lots of itsy-bitsy pieces. the lady in the mailroom is really nice, though, and she thought it was a stupid idea anyways to have a glass bowl in the mailroom in the first place. ^^

and stu dropped by and so we went and had lunch (i brought my own, he got his at mickey-d’s) on the state house grounds. someone stole my bench once again… those fiends! >.> (ooh, music just got all dramatic right now, too! my livejournal has a soundtrack! ^_^)

didn’t call apple today – i’ll probably either give the phil-guy a call tomorrow between jobs, or call macservices to have them order a power supply so i can just bring in the computer when it arrives ^_^

ooh! ooh! stu showed me this today… the guy who did the “this isn’t what we meant” video that won first place at katsucon isn’t going to be able to have that video (a very worthy competitor to my music vid, even though i don’t like his video at all ~_^ it’s got too many things i don’t like in it, but everybody else seems to love it… *shrug*) shown at otakon. apparently he’s going to be on the anime music video panel, and somehow he saw a list of the music videos that did make it (i haven’t – so no idea about my video’s showing status) and when he saw his not on it he complained about it on his webpage:

I just got the list of people whose videos made it into Otakon. Guess what video didn’t? This Isn’t What We Meant 2. That’s right. The Eva Video to end ALL Eva videos, the video that took the whole AMV community by storm, was rejected by the convention that I VOWED TO RETURN TO IN ONE YEAR’S TIME TO SHOW THE AUDIENCE THAT BOOED ME LAST YEAR that I can make a good video. I’m not being a shameless self-promoter. Anyone who’s written a review on it on knows that there are 42 other people there, most of them who truely believe that in the sea of millions of Eva videos, mine was number one. “None, no flaws!” “Absolutely no errors!” and “One of the most intense videos I’ve ever seen” are just three of the many praises from real people that I didn’t pay to say that. All the big names get in for artistic videos, such as Aluminum’s “Dreams of Red”, but This Isn’t What We Meant Remastered didn’t get jack.

I don’t get it. I’m on the AMV panel, the video was a winner, I spent over 50 hours revising it so it was different enough to submit, and Otakon gives me the shaft. They knew I was good, why did they reject ME?! So what if a con chair or someone didn’t like it? Otakon is fan voted, and the fans have spoken. This Isn’t What We Meant was destined to be a success, and the perfect comeback from the pitiful Larger Than Life. I have to prove that I’m better than that, and instead they screw me over. Why does all this have to happen this week? Aluminum leaves right when I could use a good trip to his site to cheer me up, and now this. What’s next? A bomb goes off at work and I die? No. That’d be too easy. They accepted Larger Than Life last year but quite possibly the best Eva video ever gets rejected?! Where’s the sense in that? Obviously they don’t have any. Anyways, if you wanna see the wonderful rejected video, you can check out my downloads section where you’ll find this apparently crappy video. Don’t expect When Worlds Collide to come out any time soon, because right now I need some serious motivation and some very hard liquor to convince me just why I SHOULDN’T QUIT MAKING VIDEOS. hundreds and hundreds of hours invested so I can get screwed and humiliated. If you like the video, be nice and send me some email, and while you’re at it, email Otakon a copy too so they can see just who they turned down. And while you’re at it, please visit PetitionsOnline where you can sign my online petition to bring TIWWM2 to Otakon. If you don’t like it, then Otakon has an opening in their AMV panel because obviously you’ve got a lot more sense for what makes a good video than I do.


now, after reading this, i’m pretty sure i hate this guy. at least i strongly detest him. ~_^ why? he…

  • …feels that even though his music video has already won an award (first place at katsucon), that that entitles him to show his music video at any convention that he wants. (he even says that he spent either “50” or “hundreds and hundreds” of hours working on revising the music video just for otakon, but stu and i have only seen a few changes, and none of which would have taken “hundreds and hundreds” of hours… and each change is only a few seconds long – no big replacement of clips at all.) only problem with this is contests like this don’t want music videos that are either too old or winners of competitions to be shown, because chances are most people have already seen them, and the people running the contest would rather show new / unknown music videos instead. not because they feel that it’s so successful that it’ll make everything else look terrible. 😛
  • …is upset that people booed at him at last year’s otakon. look, no matter how good your music video is, if you’re pairing it with an unpopular song (such as anything by the backstreet boys, “larger than life” in this particular situation), of course people are going to be unhappy. and the “booing” consisted of scattered vocal outbursts when the title of the vid and the song came up. that’s it! sheesh, it’s not like you were booed out of the entire convention and told not to come back. i can understand using that as a reason to create a really great music video to submit to the same con that you were vocally harassed at, but being this upset about it isn’t worth it.
  • …is too full of himself… “I’m not being a shameless self-promoter,” he says. he creates a petition just to get it submitted… if people really would have wanted to see it again, if he remarked that they wouldn’t be showing it and people (other than him) created this petition to get it into the contest, there’s nothing wrong with that. however, creating a petition “by those who care” (which links back to, surprise, surprise) is showing that he’s too much obsessed at getting back at the otakon audience.

    frankly, after such an outburst at the otakon staff for not showing his video, i wouldn’t be surprised if he was removed from the anime music video panel.

    creating music videos is supposed to be fun just for the challenge of it. if they don’t show my video, oh well, i did the best i could and i’m pleased with the final product – i’ve never done anything like it before, and so now i know about more computer applications, and had some fun working on a little hobby along the way. if they do show my video, that’s all cool – everybody gets to see it. which would make me really really happy. ^_^ if i don’t win, then i haven’t lost anything (i never had anything in the first place! ~_^). if i do win, it would be a pretty big shock for me since this is my first vid. but i like how it turned out, and i’m pleased with my effort into it.

    and that’s all i have to say about that. time for bed now. ^_^