union, schmunion!

got back from the crack twins’ crack-house. ^_^ we watched cowboy bebop! ^_^ and i met a new person! ^_^ it’s a friend of susan and betsy named jen and she goes to umbc too! ^_^

and i did more work at the msta… susan and betsy’s dad pities me (and he’s not even mr. t!) for having to work with a union, lol. i figure that while it’s ok temping there, i wouldn’t want to work there for a living – too much backstabbing and people thinking that others are out for their jobs and greed and petty arguments and gossiping. blech. 😛

and tomorrow i get to work for 9 hours 45 minutes. aren’t i special?! -_-;; so don’t expect to see me online before 8:00 pm tomorrow. and then i get to work on saturday. and sunday. woo. ^^;

but! i get paid tomorrow! ^__^ and i might get to pick up the dvd of akira! with discount! ^__^ and saturday i get to go to bank and deposit a lot of money! *does the “happy i got money at random” dance* ^__^ but on saturday i have to take my computer into the shop. ;_; maybe i should take it into where zenmetsu got his comp fixed… even though the place i take mine i used to work at, it seems he gets better service at this other place. ^^;;

and i almost got to work late today… ^^;;; but i got free pizza! and a free donut! and made it downtown in 15 minutes! yay for long legs and fast walking! ^_^;; they sure come in handy…

and time for me to sleep now… zzzzzzzz…