it’s time for work. blech.

i want a day off! i’ve worked for 12 days straight, between 5 hours 45 minutes – 6 hours 20 minutes EACH DAY. comes out to 48.5 hours a WEEK.

i need SLEEP. LOTS of it. and a day off to just relax.

but hopefully this temp job will be finished by friday. ^_^ that means that i just have to go work through sunday and i get monday-thursday as a break. ^^ and i get to go to the beach with susan and betsy for a day after otakon! woo!! ^_^


  1. Otacon AMV

    Hey glenn i came accross this on an amv msg board.
    I can’t remember what you had listed as your studio.

    My condolances if its not on there.

    “In order to preserve some sense of mystery & surprise, we’re only
    listing the names or pseudonyms (in alphabetical order) of the people/
    groups that got an entry accepted into the 2001 Otakon AMV Contest:

    1. A. T. Chang
    2. Aaron Novak
    3. Adam Radtke & Jim Versace
    4. Adam V. Minnick
    5. Aluminum Studios
    6. Alvin Polanco
    7. Brian Schulkin
    8. Charles Bathel
    9. Chris Frampton of TomServo3K Productions
    10. Chris Heilman
    11. Danniel Cecava
    12. Demon Kitty Productions
    13. Doki Doki Productions
    14. Eye/Vocal Attack Reproductions
    15. Fellow Hoodlum, Inc.
    16. Griffin Waldau
    17. Hsien Lee/Kusoyaro Productions
    18. Ivan Ku & Daniel Ku
    19. Jason Galterio
    20. Jesse Glidewell
    21. Joseph M. Croasdaile
    22. Kitsune
    23. L.J. Mucci
    24. Lee “Lostboy” Thompson
    25. Lee Sheng
    26. Nathan Bezner
    27. NeoAlus
    28. Nic Neidenbach (Studio Hybrid)
    29. Patrick Delahanty
    30. Peter Schall
    31. Robert M. Chrisco
    32. Scott A. Melzer, Lukas Chen & Terry Tao
    33. Senta Miller
    34. Stealth Visions
    35. Studio KZ
    36. Surreel Industries
    37. the DIGITALGOD
    38. Vlad G. Pohnert

    …This year we received approximately 150 music video submissions, a new
    record for Otakon’s AMV Contest and a daunting amount of work for the
    contest staff. I’d like to mention and thank the members of Otakon’s
    staff and UMBC’s Anime Club who volunteered to assist Duane and I in
    screening all the entries and in providing additional feedback.

    Again this year there were many more good entries than there were spaces
    available in the contest. We had more than twice as many memorable
    entries as we had time in the contest, and often the differences between
    an entry that was picked and one that was not were slight.

    We’ll try and screen as many of the other entries at Otakon 2001 as we
    can, but due to the sheer volume of entries this year I’m afraid we
    might not have time or space for every single one.”