she's a witness to the party goin' action party… action figures.

neobaka mst3ked very poorly

i thought that a few were pretty funny, like this and this and this and especially this.

but overall the general consensus on #4tt was that it’s a pretty poor job of an attempt at mst3k humor.

so! scoreboard is now…

Things That Rip Off Neobaka: 3

the general mood is that people really don’t know what to think about this site… but these people ought to respect the work that has gone into these comics, even if they really do hate the comics themselves.

in other news, work was really slow today. barely any people came in. and i didn’t even see people who had been in the other saturdays i worked to get their weekly porn purchase! now you know that it was a slow day.

i did manage to impress this one guy with my musical knowledge. i asked if i could help him and he said “godspeed, you black emperor!” (which is the name of the band), and i went and turned around and pulled out the cd for him just like that. he thought that was great that i was able to do that (even though he already had that cd, which was the only cd by that band in stock), especially since the band’s name is a sentence that doesn’t make sense if you just say it to someone (especially if they’ve never heard of the band before, either). it did help that i just shelved that same cd just a week ago… ~_^

also, this girl i talked to yesterday at work about time-off went and showed me this calendar at work where people just crossed off what days they weren’t able to work. i was like, “oh, is that all i have to really do?” and she says “well, yeah – it’s not like they’re going to say ‘no, you can’t have a vacation with your family!'” i didn’t bother saying that it wasn’t really with my family but rather some friends of mine who would be visiting. ^_^;; and i’m not really going anyplace far away, but just up to baltimore for a convention. but i want a vacation this summer, dammit! >_< rargh! glenn no get to go to beach! glenn no get to go anyplace! glenn must stay home and work! well, this is one week i'm NOT going to work. (hehehe, i almost said “…this is one week i’m MOT going to work” – you know it’s late when you snicker at mistakes like that… ^^;;)

but i got out of work almost an hour late. i was typing up the contents of my register into the comp and i kinda messed up the comp. so we called the store support people in california and they said to wait for it to clear itself. (it didn’t.) so we looked at the manual and it says to go to this one thing and type in a password and that clears it. problem: the supervisor didn’t know the password (he was a relatively new supervisor). so, we called the big boss and he tells us the password to get in and we change it.

then we compared the stuff i put in with the actual results of the register, and i was missing a credit card transaction and we couldn’t find the reciept for it anywheres. ^^;; so we called up the big boss again to see how to reprint a reciept and he doesn’t know, and the store support people are closed now. 😛 so after doing some fiddling we figured to go and call it a night and explain what happened tomorrow to someone who might know how to reprint reciepts. ^_^;;

and this band is pretty neat… jazzy-type stuff. kinda like steely dan. when i first heard one of their songs i thought it was steely dan we had on the playlist. but it isn’t. nope. it’s a steely dan impersonator. (but one of their suprise guests was a sax player with steely dan – i guess that counts, right? ^_^) and they’re playing at the ram’s head tavern here in annapolis on the 31st too! free admission if you buy their cd! maybe i will get it and see if i can go, hehe ^_^ that i can’t go because the events at the ram’s head tavern are all 21+. grrr…. (lol – the next two places they go to are charlotte, nc and atlanta, ga – so if since i were to can’t go to the concert, then evilyn and ocarina respectively could can’t go and see them and see what they’re all about, hehe)

and also, did you know that the music bits in the songs “superfreak” and “can’t touch this” are the same? yep. when we played “superfreak” the other day, i thought they were playing “can’t touch this”. but they weren’t. wacky, huh?

and i finally figured out where i’ve heard of the band “a rocket sent to you”… we had posters advertising their concerts up at work… a guy that i used to work with at macservices is the drummer in the band… they’ve got a webpage up, too… i might go and get their cd sometime… ^^