my life, the soap-opera ^^;;

– i meet megs

– i start to like megs

– megs invites me to randy-mac and to atlanta

– i start to like megs more

– (from e-mail) she starts to like me some

– i talk to damonk, he thinks that we’re going about things the right (read: “laid-back”) way

– i go to visit megs in atlanta

– i like megs more, (assuming) she likes me more

– megs comes out of dating probation

– megs starts seeing other guys in atlanta

– people go to comic-con

– megs meets damonk

– megs likes damonk (unsure about how damonk feels, but she say they both were flirting with each other)

– megs tells me she “loves” damonk now

– i write e-mail to megs explaining how i feel about things

to be revised later tonight when i get back from work, with more description and appropriate references added…