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thought of this while reading maeka‘s post about cell-phones…

for those who want to call me (it’s usually on most of the time, and if it’s not you get to leave me a message! aren’t you special! ^^) on my cellphone, give a ring to 443-415-8887. ask for glenn… not that anyone else would be answering… ~_^

why would you want to call me? why not? ^^ it’s not like i use it much anyways, and i’ve got more minutes on that thing than i can shake a stick at. *paid his cellphone bill last night* ^^;;

and i was reminded tonight that it’s just under 3 weeks (or just over 2 weeks, however you want it) until my birthday. i have no idea what to do to celebrate it… mom’s pestering me to think up an idea… but i can’t think of anything… ^^;; any ideas? (and no, we already did benihana’s last year, stueypark! ~_^)

and everyone in #4tt is talking about going to comiccon (suprise, surprise ~_^)… i still wish i could go, but i’ve got work to do (finally!) and so i get mad moolah while they’re all off slacking around. neener neener neener! ~_^

but i still wish that i could have gone to san diego. ^^;; ah well, otakon’s in just a week past my birthday! and i should have my music video showing there! yay! ^_^


    • *joins the otakon community*

      it’s a really neat music video (imho ~_^) using evangelion to queen’s “bohemian rhapsody” ^_^ hopefully it should be showing… i haven’t heard anything definite, but they’re supposed to be letting the people who submitted videos know by e-mail what’s what. ^^;;

      and i’m planning on cosplaying (first time, whee! ^_^) as spike spiegel from cowboy bebop, and is planning on going as julia. ^_^

      i’ll save a piece of cake for ya. ~_^

    • I’m hoping your vid shows… i wanna see it ^^

      And besides, I’ll get to bug you in person… lets you bring a Yuki lookalike with you then I’ll be drooling over her instead ^^;;

  1. What to do for one’s birthday…


    * Scavenger hunt. Perhaps something based on one of your favorite shows so you too can live the life of your favorite characters. Or, if you have a taste for it, hunt for real scavengers. Vultures and the like do make for great conversation pieces.

    * A murder mystery dinner party. This requires planning by you, but on the other hand, you get to dress up and befuddle your friends. Or go out to a mystery dinner theatre.

    * A square root party. Take your age — find the square root. (Round if you must to the nearest whole integer) Decorate and celebrate as if you were that age. I did this for my 25th birthday. We had a clown cake, toy bags, a big finger painting wall, etc.

    * A “holiday other than your birthday” birthday. Go to the library; ask for the most recent copy of Chase’s Annual Events. There’s a mass of other celebrations happening every day. Find one you like that’s occuring on your birthday; plan/decorate accordingly.

    Just a few thoughts… maybe this will get your brain a-brewing.

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