i swear…

this music sounds like it would fit in perfecly in the videogame “the sims”… it’s cool jazzy-ish music ^_^ we had it on the playlist for the store today and i heard it and knew i had to have it ‘cos it sounded so cool. ^_^ i personally think that this music playing in my room will match my little name-plaque that says “bachelor pad” ^__^

and our computers at work need to be thrown out! they are evil!! too old! too stupid! too antique! gyaa!! >_< and from the looks of things over at eat the roses, meaghan doesn’t think i did a good job while she was away! *sniffle* ^^;;;

which reminds me – meaghan, evelyn, and you two crack twins: we all need to have a pow-wow online sometime to see what’s the plans for otakon! ^_^

two parting words: FRANCE and POTATO!