i listen to a *lot* of songs as i wrote this…

did i mention that i got a temporary job today (well, yesterday, considering that today is now thursday)? ^_^

yep! starting monday for two weeks i’m working in downtown annapolis at the maryland state teachers’ association where i get to do stuff with envelopes and boxes. for $8.50 / hour. ^_^ so that makes me about $530 just from that. ^^ and want to hear something kinda eerie about this? meaghan sent me good job vibes. and her name is meaghan quinn, right? well, my supervisor at the maryland state teachers’ association is this person named rebecca quinn – spooky, huh? ^^

but other than that, things have been pretty usual around here today yesterday… i did more driving in the saturn, so i’m getting used to driving stickshift (i’m doing a lot better than i did just a week ago when i first started! ^__^), and we went and got my provisionals taken off my drivers license since we were too lazy to do it when i first could have them removed about a year ago. ^^;; got the saturn’s emissions tested, and went to the bank, and got some eats at the grocery (yay for mint chocolate chip icecream and rootbeer for me! all mine! yay! ^___^).

but other than that… and especially right now… i’m so amazingly bored… i’ve checked my two dozen news sites several times and nothing really amazing has happened tonight, watched edward norton on david letterman, chatted with evilyn and zenmetsu and gaiadea, checked my postings i made earlier tonight about my computer and nobody’s responded.

grr… you ever feel like this?

i want to do something, but i don’t know what it is that i want to do. i’m not at all tired, so sleeping is out of the question.

i once mentioned that i was an information junkie. i want to talk to people… i want to do something interactive – so watching movies and reading a book are pretty much out… i want to communicate! the problem with this is, of the people who are online right now (on my buddy list, for example), i just don’t really have anything to say to them at this moment. the people that i do want to talk to aren’t online. and while i’m sure they all have their reasons (they’re all sleeping, most likely), my status as an information junkie makes this an unforgivable sin. ~_^

static content doesn’t impress me any more. right now i need a fix, and the dealer’s jumped town with the goods.

so what is it that i really want? i want to talk to people! (especially people who i’ve never talked to before) i want to learn more about strangers. i want to drown in information. my mind is wanting to know things… but not just any sort of things… it wants to know random things.

the problem, though… like how there’s the average supply versus the “primo shit”… the good, high quality stuff is what i need. but me, being the info-addict and not the info-master, i don’t know what it is that i want…


*typical bored teenager reaction* – “hey! it’s late at night! and we’re bored! let’s go bust up mailboxes / slash tires / steal big signs that say “NO” that hang over the street!”

i’d do that, but we don’t have any signs here in maryland that just say “NO” ~_^ (add that to the list of things that us marylanders are deprived of such as vanilla cokes, waffle houses, and sonic drive-thrus! ^^;;)

*thinks* “signs that ‘just say “NO”‘… lol…”


  1. We have a park down at the waterfront, and they have these signs warning people that they will be fined if they do not remove their dog’s feces from the lawn. My former roommate thought it would be a brilliant idea to steal one of these signs. I was not very impressed with him, especially considering that he had that stupid sign sitting in his room, plain as day, and our landlords (who happened to be lawyers) were planning to stop by the apartment that week to check on the windows. I’m so glad I have my own apartment now. ^_^

    • lol – i wouldn’t want a sign like that, though… it’s too icky! ^^;;

      but there really are signs that say “NO”… that’s all they say, nothing else… i saw them in atlanta… i wish i could have had one, too, hehe ^_^

  2. I’ve got two liberated signs in my apartment. An NC-17 from the theater I worked at in high school (it seemed a lot cooler back then) and a door hanger from a fancy hotel than ended up in my pocket during a Film Festival party. I’m not really sure how it got there.

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