i knew these things, i just didn't *know* them… ^_^;;

i just realized… august 8 comes before august 10! i kept thinking that my interview with southwest airlines would be the wednesday after otakon instead of the wednesday before otakon!

and i just realized, too, that that day is meaghan’s birthday!

on to what happened at work last night… this crazy lady came in and our conversation went something like this…

lady: "can i use the bathroom?"

me: "sorry, we don't have any public bathrooms"

lady: "well, you let my son in yesterday to use the bathroom!"

me: "sorry, i wasn't the one yesterday that did that, and besides, that's against store policy - i don't know why they did that, but you can't use the store bathroom - that's just for the employees..."

lady: "can you hurry, then??!!"

me: "...they have one in the shopping center here down at barnes & noble" *points in that direction*

lady: "so hurry up then!"

me: "ok, that's $10.51"

lady: "here, i might have a penny... wait, i don't... can you put in a penny for me?"

me: "sorry, i don't have any..."

me: *quickly counts out $9.49 of change and starts to hand the lady the change*

lady: *sees $0.49 of change* "i thought i told you to put a penny in for me!"

me: "sorry, i don't have any pennies to put in for you!"

lady: "huh! you're very rude!" etc etc *leaves in a huff*

me: "have a good night!" ^_^;

anyways… i picked up two cds yesterday… “action figure party” by action figure party, and “doin’ something” by soulive… both jazzy type stuff. ^__^