*hides under his bed so the truant officer doesn't catch him!*

well, looks like i won’t be able to go off to umbc for a semester or two. last night the parents told me that i needed $5000 instead of $1500. ^^;; and we can’t take out any more loans because we’re already in some mad debt. so looks like i’ll be withdrawing for a semester or two.

the good side of this means that (assuming i get this here job with southwest airlines) i’ll be able to make mad money in that time that i’m off of school. ^^ in baltimore international airport and all airports throughout california, the pay is $9.09 / hour… and that’s only for your first year! zowie! but then again, this is the job where if something goes wrong, the travellers kabong you over the head. ^^;;; goes with the job, i suppose…

*reads the southwest airlines benefits page…*

free airline travel?! hmmm… could come in handy come next comic-con… ~_^

anyways… i guess i should be a bit more upset about not being able to go to school in the fall (or even perhaps through the spring), but, hey… oh well… worse things could happen… i guess…