here on the showplace showdown on "the price is right", the actual retail price is…!

$1,990,300.00! i’m a nice chunk of change, yes. ^_^

good things that happened today:

– all done with my temp job! ^____^ so i can get my temp agency paycheck tomorrow! ^_^

– went to tower and got paid there too! ^_^ i also picked up a copy of akira on dvd! ^___^

– i got one guy who might be able to fill in for me on friday, august 10. now i just need people for the other two days

– chatted with a new girl who was working register too. (going to otakon, also!) name’s jen. so i meet two people named jen in two days! coincidence!

– got back home, checked my (e-)mail, and i got two good things:

1. southwest airlines actually wants to hire me as a customer service person. which means that i get to sell the tickets. ^_^ the interview is for two hours on august 8, from 9 am – 11 am. isn’t that neato? ^__^

2. in my e-mail i got a message that makes me feel a bit better about something that i was worried about. but it’s a secret! ^^;

bad thing:

– checked my e-mail at work to see if the boss said yes or no to me taking the week off in august. first i skimmed it and felt that i was being singled out and being blatantly told “NO” in an e-mail sent to the entire store staff regarding days off / vacation time / etc. (overactive paranoia acting up again = bad!) so, i was really really REALLY worried that i wouldn’t be able to go to otakon, period. but later i re-read the message and it was just really stating the procedure for taking time off and so on. but it did say that he has in the past had employees (himself included) who had vacations planned (or their families scheduled vacations for them) without having the days available. and these people had to choose between either their vacation or their job. ^^;;;; while i wouldn’t want to have to leave my job because of something as rinky-dink as three days off, i really really REALLY don’t want to miss otakon at all! jen said that she wouldn’t even come in to work if she wasn’t able to get the days off, but i don’t know…. ;___; and to top it off, if i were to go to otakon, i’d be the third person from work to be going (jen, the girl i met today, and paige from our art department would be the other two). ;__; so, i started asking other co-workers today about swapping days, and one of them said he might be able to fill in for me on friday, but he wasn’t exactly sure, and he’d return later to talk to me about it. but i didn’t see him again before i had to leave. ;__; so i have one “perhaps” for a day off. ;______; tomorrow, i’ll have to pester EVERYONE to see if they’ll trade with me. ^^;;;; grrr….