ground floor, peculiaries, stationery, and leather goods… shirts, socks, ties, hats, underwear and shoes… going down…

drove to work… did pretty good ^_^

work wasn’t so bad – worked the register for the entire time i was there (except for 5 minutes when i went around and straightened things…). some observations:

– just under half the magazines people bought were porn mags ^^;;

– i don’t know why people go into a tower records and expect to find a public bathroom ^^;;

– one of the bands on the playlist for the store today was “guttermouth”… we wondered why that was even on the playlist in the first place because of all the cussing that goes on on that cd… especially when you consider that the last song on the cd is titled “cram it up your ass” (which is a pretty funny song, btw ^^) too bad they don’t have a single of guttermouth, because if they did, and it had that song, then i’d get it just for that one song ^^

and now “rumble in the bronx” is on – yay for jackie chan! ^_^ i wonder if in the internet movie database they have listed as a goof “audio/video unsynchronized: 95% of the ENTIRE MOVIE!” ~_^