gar… why does it always have to be a time when i’ve been away from my journal for several hours with no access to it that when i return to read my friends page is when livejournal has problems… grr… >.>


yesterday night i went to work. i swear, that night at work was like that old tv show “this is your life” where they bring out people you haven’t seen in a long time, except 2/3 of the visits were people i had seen recently. but the principle of the thing is the same!

first this one guy came in and while he was asking me about a dvd he mentioned that i looked kinda familiar. i thought he looked familiar too. we didn’t go to the same high school, but after some deductions we realized that we worked together at vansant creations. that was pretty random to bump into him like that. ^^

and then later susan and betsy dropped by to say hi. they still want both meaghan and evelyn to stay at their place when otakon rolls around. i think they ought to learn to share! 😛 but this means that we’ll probably end up having to have a steel cage match! and that means we can sell admission tickets! (feels like andy kaufmann, wrestling women and all… ^_^;;) and while we were talking about meaghan and evelyn and plans and all, this lady bought this peter gabriel cd from me, and we thought that that was eerie. o_o

HAMMERTIME! *ahem* anyways… ^^;;

and then after they came by, tom martin and his dad dropped in ‘cos they were going to see “the fast and the furious” at the movie theater that’s in the same shopping center as my tower and so they just dropped in to say hi.

and i got the cd “superfast” by dynamite hack… this’ll come in handy for my next music video… i’ll be able to pick up the source dvd i’ll be using for the music vid anytime after tomorrow… ^__^

and today i did more work. woo. went down to city dock for lunch and sat and watched boats and the birds and sat in the sun. ^_^

when i came back home there was a surprise – CANDY! ^___^ mom went and got some stuff at sam’s club (either that or there’s a robot that shoots candy out of its eyes somewheres around here… >.> but robots are a good thing! ^_^ unless they’re KILLER DEATH ROBOTS! even if it was a famous killer death robot… ‘cos killer death robots are never a good thing because they kill… and do death-things… yes) – lemonhead lollipops, starbursts, payday bars, and twinkies! ^_^ yummy! ^__^