glenn saves the day and almost screws everything up. but everything's still ok! ^_^

curse you comic-con goers! >.> lucky you! ~_^

*to people who aren’t going to san diego* boy, i’m sure glad we thought up that idea of comic-con to get them away… they were really starting to get on my nerves! ~_^

anyways… my morning has to kinda start with last night… just before i went to bed…

i’ve got this uncanny ability to sense when things are going to happen, and plan things accordingly. i don’t know how i know things, but i’ll think to myself “hmm, i bet _____ will happen… so i better do _______ so things won’t turn out bad.”

so last night i set up my mp3 player to wake me up at 7 am with “the rimmer song” (meaghan’s suggestion – i can’t make up my mind with 1500 songs ^_^;;) then it starts to rain. so i think to myself, “i hope the power doesn’t go out and bust my ‘alarm clock’… what should i do…?” so i set up my computer to go and automagically restart itself after a power failure, and reopen up my mp3 player at startup. good idea, ne? ^_^

and, as it happens, the power went out that night. i was awakened at 4 am by my computer turning on and our printer making its usual turn-on sounds. so i went back to bed.

alarm goes off at 7. no problem. mom calls down just to be sure i’m awake, i say yeah. set alarm ahead to 7:30 (snooze ~_^), go back to sleep.

wake up at 7:30… and fall back asleep on the couch…

and sleep…

and sleep…

wake up suddenly. look at my watch, and it says 8:30. i’m supposed to be at work downtown at 9. and it takes roughly 20 minutes to walk there. @_@

so i run, toss clothes on, don’t bother making a lunch (eat at subway today! ~_^), run outside, run back in and grab my umbrella, run back out and head downtown.

i just barely made it in time. so everything’s a-ok! ^_^

moral: don’t wake up to arnold rimmer singing (even if it is meaghan’s suggestion ^_^;;) – he scares you back to sleep ~_^