"First rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club."

on friday at work i printed out labels so my id card said “glenn” on one side and “edward norton” on the other.

all because of that, yesterday:

– one man started calling me ed

– these two girls and this guy asked if “edward norton” was my real name. when i told them that i just put that there because of people saying i look like the actor, the guy told me that people often confuse him for johnny depp in “edward scissorhands”. he looked like edward scissorhands, too, so i can see why they think so about him.

– another guy bought the fight club soundtrack and got a big kick out of my nametag

– and then later i was looking up the soundtrack in our database when this girl walked up to ask about the fight club dvd

coincidence? i think not! ~_^