egads… O_O

next weekend the parents and sisters (well, the sisters go to ocean city starting this weekend, to stay with aunt, uncle, and cousin) go off to ocean city for the weekend. so, that leaves me all alone at home. can you say “party”? ~_^

this means i’ll have to drive myself to work. this would not be a big to-do except for two small things:

– i haven’t really driven a car in over a year

– and the car that i’ll have to drive myself to work is our saturn. which is a stickshift. which i have never driven before.

so, within a week, i’ve got to figure out how to drive all over again, and how to drive stickshift. ^^;;

so tonight i drove myself and dad off to hollywood video. with only ever using a stickshift once before (except for a quick orientation i had a few days ago). it was quite the harrowing experience. O_O

at least when i drove tonight it was wet, nighttime, and traffic-y. when i drive myself to work it will be hopefully dry, daytime, and traffic-y. but the dry and daytime makes up for it being trafficy. and when i drive myself back it will be hopefully dry, nighttime, and non-traffic-y. so the non-traffic makes up for the night. ^^ yes. ^^;;;