each person you meet is a mirror

me: ...i'll sit and watch people on the street and wonder what they might think of me, hehe

susan: ah, i always think that people are talking about me

me: ^^

me: and i'll wonder what people say behind my back, hehe - i like to speculate for fun, hehe

susan: me too. that's why i almost always want to ask my friends what other people thought of me.

susan: but usually they just say that i'm nice or weird or something

me: me too

me: but i always think that i'll be thought of being weirdo-weird to be wondering about things like that...


each person you meet is a mirror.

each mirror contains a reflection of you.

not all mirrors have the same clarity.

some mirrors have a perfectly clear image. (people who know you well)

other mirrors have a cloudy image, where it’s hard to see the reflection. (strangers)

each mirror is distorted in various ways.

like mirrors in a funhouse, each mirror accentuates a different part of yourself.

no two mirrors are alike.

your reflection as a person will never be the same in any two people.

each person you meet sees a different you.

now, the million-dollar question…

how do you see me?

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