drowning in a sea of mp3s

D’OH! i feel so unintelligent now! ^^;;;;;

the other day at tower this kid says to me that he’s looking for a song where these people say “cuchi-cuchi” over and over. i thought he was talking about the “lady marmalade” single from “moulin rouge”. but he said, no, these were guys who kept saying it. so i said “i’m sorry, but i can’t help you with that… i can’t think of the song off the top of my head…” ^^;;

i was just going through my playlist… and i HAVE the song. “cuchi-cuchi” by “los amigos invisibles”.

d’oh. i’ve had this song for months, too. ^^;; *kicks himself* i guess it got lost in the other 1499 songs i have… ~_^

tomorrow today, i get to go to work (woo.) and then go to susan’s in the evening to see cowboy bebop! yay! i’ll get to see more of cowboy bebop! (maybe even *gasp* the rest of the series?!?!?!) only the shadow knows… bwahaha! ~_^


  1. Cowboy BeBop a very good thing

    I’ve gotten to see the whole series, thanks to my roommate picking up the DVDs. I’m now anxiously awaiting the film (which, from what I’ve heard, takes place between the last two episodes).

    If you haven’t seen it, Trigun is also a pretty k-nifty series. The dub job on it isn’t bad either, but hey, that’s why most releases come with the subtitles and the dubbing. The power of choice… mmm. 🙂

    • Re: Cowboy BeBop a very good thing


      i’ve got the first two dvds of cowboy bebop, and i’ve seen a dvd or two past that. i looooove “mushroom samba”! ^__^ but even though and his brother have all of the dvds of cowboy bebop, i haven’t been able to watch them due to my computer’s dvd player being picky. ^^;;

      i’ve seen the first episode of trigun – it’s prety neat. i’ll have to watch some more sometime. ^_^

    • Re: Cowboy BeBop a very good thing

      It’s definitely a keen series; it’s very funny, then kinda dark, then sad, then funny again. If you can get hold of more Trigun, do. 🙂

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