drowning in a sea of mp3s

D’OH! i feel so unintelligent now! ^^;;;;;

the other day at tower this kid says to me that he’s looking for a song where these people say “cuchi-cuchi” over and over. i thought he was talking about the “lady marmalade” single from “moulin rouge”. but he said, no, these were guys who kept saying it. so i said “i’m sorry, but i can’t help you with that… i can’t think of the song off the top of my head…” ^^;;

i was just going through my playlist… and i HAVE the song. “cuchi-cuchi” by “los amigos invisibles”.

d’oh. i’ve had this song for months, too. ^^;; *kicks himself* i guess it got lost in the other 1499 songs i have… ~_^

tomorrow today, i get to go to work (woo.) and then go to susan’s in the evening to see cowboy bebop! yay! i’ll get to see more of cowboy bebop! (maybe even *gasp* the rest of the series?!?!?!) only the shadow knows… bwahaha! ~_^