i’m feeling sophisticated… when i start to feel sophisticated i get into these moods where i feel i have to write something thought provoking and insightful and revealing

especially when i’m listening to groovy jazz music, and i’m wearing my glasses, and i’m the only one awake, and it’s starting to rain outside… ^^ and i just drank some ginger ale, so maybe that has something to do with it…

oh! oh! chalk up another moment when i’m told i look like edward norton – this guy at work named kent saw me today, and he said “dude, know who you look like?” and i said “who? … no, wait… edward norton?” and he says “DUDE!” ^_^ this happened within an hour after i told this girl that worked there how people say that i look like edward norton, too… o_o then later i went in the back to eat dinner and he was back there and he was on the phone with someone and when he saw me he said “dude, there’s a guy who works here who looks exactly like edward norton!” ^_^ so now i’m contemplating taking my tower id badge and either taking my name off and putting on “edward norton” in place, or just putting that on the opposite side of the badge, with a little picture of edward norton there just for effect ^^ and i’ve got the perfect picture in mind, too… there was a little blurb on him in the paper about a week ago with a little picture (i’ll see if i can scan in the picture to show off online, because i look exactly like him in this picture). what’s kind of funny, too, is edward norton was born in semi-ish around this area, and he’s fluent in japanese (which i’m not so good at… ^^;;). but, isn’t that odd? that he’s from around here-ish and fluent in japanese, and i’m from around here, and i’m learning japanese? and i didn’t know about him being from around here-ish or his japanese skills until recently, after i had already been from around here and starting to take japanese… o_o