chores are fun! -_-

guess who gets to stay home and do laundry all day? me, that’s who! woo. ^^;;

mom’s at work and then goes off to her computer class tonight, so she’s not back until 10. dad, kelly, and anne are all at gettysburg today for a memorial dedication ceremony, so they’re standing around in their reenacting garb.

stu’s at work too.

so, i’m sitting here, drinking my tea (yum!), and doing laundry. i called up manpower, today’s staffing, and adecco this morning to be put on the available list for the week. also called up kinko’s since they were supposed to call me back, but they said that if i didn’t hear back in a few days to call back. well, now it’s been over a week and still nothing… so i called them back and the guy’s out to lunch ^^;; maybe i can land a gulit trip on them to get them to hire me for the rest of the week (assuming i work friday-sunday at tower ^_^)

and zenmetsu and evilyn went and did new site designs for his and her sites… i wanna get a new site design up, but whenever i start working on one i don’t like how it turns out so i start to think up a new design… and repeat… and repeat… ^^;;;; maybe (yeah right ^^;;) i can think up a new good design today to start working on… ^_^

and this mp3 is so static-y! ^^;; maybe i should go and re-rip my dematha band cds today too ^_^