damn, i like this song… even if it is a bit depressing… ^^;; it does have a funny ending, though. ^^ maybe i’ll grab the cd tomorrow when i wander in to work to find people to work for me on august 10…

i’ll also need to grab my paycheck and go to the bank and deposit mad money in there. and i want to go take my computer to macupgrades to have them fix my computer… i want to see how their service compares to macservices’… ^^;; if i do go out that way, then i can drop by dan’s house and we can watch some cowboy bebop ^_^ we can also probably keep yelling things about pants tres bien too…

i did find someone to work for me on saturday. so that’s taken care of. don’t need to worry about sunday because i work from 4-10:30 on sunday and sundays at anime cons are slow days. especially that late in the afternoon, anyways.

and there was this lady in today… i was this close to throwing things at her… >_< she wanted a tape of a grateful dead album "...truckin'-something"... so we told her that we don't really have any tapes anymore - they're mostly "old '80s hair bands". so her son who's there with her (about 10-12 years old or so) says that if they got the cd he can make a tape of it, so i point out where the blank tapes are and she says "well, can't we order it?!" so i give her the whole shindig about how we recommend ordering through a 1-800 number or through the web at because through the store can take several months. she says that she doesn't care HOW long it takes, she just wants it. so i say "well, i can try looking it up in the database, but i doubt it would be in there..." because i had only seen one entry and that was for an import cd and so she clenches her teeth in this big fake grin and talks through her teeth and says "well, i wouldn't want to make you have to look it up in the database... that would be too much work..." and whenever i try to get a word in, she keeps saying things like "i don't know why i keep coming here... i spend hundreds of dollars here and the service is terrible... i should just keep going to sam goody..." so i ring up the rest of her purchases, comes out to $111 or so and she takes out things to bring it down to $64 and she has me put one of her cds back, and two of the others that she took out on hold. she's saying things to her son "i feel sorry for these tower people... when they have to leave tower and get real jobs..." she asks me for my name, and i say "glenn", and she says "last name?" so i say "fitzpatrick" and she writes down mollie's name (mollie is the girl who was working the register next to me who said that all we have are '80s hair bands) and she asks who our manager is, and so we tell her scott phelps, and she asks for the regional manager and we look on this sign on the wall and tell her his name. she says "and my name for those things on hold is jennifer" and she walks out (i had already put her name down on the things for hold by looking at her drivers license, hehe, so i got her last name too). anyways... that was the fireworks for the night... all the co-workers we told about that said that they probably would have ended up throwing something at her or saying something really nasty. and even though she took my name and mollie’s name, we doubt that the supervisors will really care – they’re on our side with things like this. they say just to get irate customers out the door as fast as possible, because when they aren’t in the store, then they aren’t complaining to us, hehe.

thing that worries me is that it’ll be people like this i’ll have to work with if i take that job with southwest airlines. ^^;; the trick is to try to help the person out while not caring about what they’re saying. you really start feeling sorry for them, then.

blargh. time for me to sleep… i’m feeling the 3 am unhappiness right now… everything is worse at 3 am… ^^;;