1. poor glenn *susy sheds a single beautiful tear*

    i won’t make jokes about you. and i’ll beat up anyone who makes fun of you. *thinks* as long as they’re smaller than me.

    i hope you feel less headachy soon and are happier, remember the crack twins are pulling for you! what better support could you need?

    • Re: poor glenn *susy sheds a single beautiful tear*

      headache’s all gone – i think it was just a combination of tension and strain on the old noodle… ^^ just needed some advil and sleep to make it go away ^_^

      hehe, susan and betsy fighting on my side? that’s a crack twin tag-team! ^_^

  2. I have no jokes for you, and I hope the headache goes away.

    If you are interested though: Leno was a rerun; Down to Earth wasnt very funny but should be on video soon. I think the Jet Li movie is called Kiss of the Dragon, or something along those lines.

    Yeah, you caught me in an informative mood.

    • we thought it might be a rerun, but i couldn’t tell… i hadn’t heard of “down to earth” before and thought i saw something on tv about it recently (must have been a commercial for the video release ~_^)

      “kiss of the dragon” – that’s the name of it! ^_^

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