antidotes ^_^

well, i was grumpy this morning. now i’m happy. ^_^

what’s the cure for morning grumpyness?

  • being lazy and taking the bus downtown instead of walking and buying myself a sub for lunch (‘cos i have monAY! $$$! ^_^)
  • getting a free krispy kreme donut for breakfast at work ^^
  • bumping into betsy on my lunchbreak and talking with her at city dock over subs from subway. ^_^
  • getting lots of work done at work (we got another temp now, so we’ve got 4 temps incl. me, and having two other people who work there drop in and out to assist us), so we might finish by tomorrow. ^__^
  • chatting with this cute girl i’ve seen on the bus on the way home about our jobs. ^_^ but if we finish work this week, then i won’t get to see her past this week. ;_;
  • mom brought home some krispy kreme donuts! ^_^
  • they came out with marathon resurrection (an unreal tournenment mod) finally today! ^__^
  • and i’m going to get to see an old pal do a play tonight! ^_^

    and time for 2-year-old food! chicken and applesauce! yum yum! ^_^