got back from work. got a dentist appointment at… *checks calendar* 3:45. then i go off to tower for 6 hours. fun. ^^;

but i was paid today! ^_^ today’s staffing pays you within minutes of you bringing in your pay-stub with the hours you worked. *has a check for $204.32 now* ^_^ and they said at the MSTA that they might need me for a third week. so i did some math and figured out that if i work there at the MSTA for three weeks, recieve the same approximate pay, and work at tower records during those three weekends and be paid $6 / hour there, that i’ll have just under $1000! just for three weeks! ^_^

but i still need more money… ^^;;;

and i’ve got to go feed the fishies before i go to the dentist! i’ll be back too late to do it after work, so i’ve got to do it now… ^_^

and people actually want me to make a comic! on #4tt last night some wondered why i don’t start drawing neobaka now. others wondered if i would start my own comic. well, if i were to make my own comic, it would probably star pirates ^_^ and now that i’ve got a little pirate-figurine i can use it to practice my pirate-drawing, hehe ^_^ …now, if i only could think up a storyline. you can only use the joke about holding the treasure map upside down so many times, see? ^_^;;

… ooh, and it could star gangsters, too! nyahh, see? nyahh!