a priest at church told us today how he met the pope and was wondering what you say to the pope. reminded me of when yogi berra met the pope…

INTERVIEWER: "I understand you had an audience with the Pope."

YOGI BERRA: "No, but I saw him."

INTERVIEWER: "Did you get to talk to him?"

YOGI BERRA: "I sure did. We had a nice little chat."

INTERVIEWER: "What did he say?"

YOGI BERRA: "Ya know, he must read the papers a lot, because he said, 'Hello, Yogi.'"

INTERVIEWER: "And what did you say?"

YOGI BERRA: "I said, 'Hello, Pope.'"

this got me thinking… it’d be cool to have the first name “pope”… then people could say “hello, pope”. and you’d have “pope whateveryourlastnameis” on your drivers license and you’d get mail addressed to “pope” and you can get “”…

wouldn’t that be cool?? ^_^