otakon’s going to have a ton of cool guests this year…

– the producer of “record of lodoss war” (i think it’s really funny how on the otakon page it says “madhouse [studios] is responsible for many great anime, the likes of which include…: ‘Birdy the Mighty'”) HA HA HA HA HA! ^_^ dan sez that that’s a really terrible anime, so i suppose it’s fitting that they’re “responsible” for it… ^_^

– the assistant director of evangelion (and the director of FLCL)

– the character designer for cowboy bebop

– plus miscellaneous american guests ~_^

poo… i want a job to just go from convention to convention… ‘cos that means lots of anime! lots of cosplay! lots of guest-meeting! and lots of plane trips! ~_^