yet is every man his greatest enemy and, as it were, his own executioner

my state of mind is just going bye-bye… ^^;;

i go downtown in search of jobage, and while i’m there i stop for a while to sit on either my parkbench (i’ve claimed a parkbench on the state house grounds), or this other one i’m starting to claim down at city dock. there i just sit and think about all manner of things by myself. i’m starting to think that this isn’t such a good idea… all this thinking i’m doing is… it’s hard to describe…

it’s just that all this thinking i’ve been doing about all sorts of things, and sitting and observing is becoming a bad thing.

and this is just from sitting and letting my mind wander from one thing to another. things from my current situations to the world in general. and the things that i’ve been thinking about don’t please me one bit.

i suppose that this is kind of hard for me to accept, since i’m the kind of person who just takes things as they come and it takes a lot of stuff to get me feeling down.

well, i’m down now.

i think it’ll be a while until i visit my benches again. at least until i visit my benches without something like a book or cd or notebook to keep me occupied. this sitting and thinking about everything is too much for me to handle right now.