it finally transferred! ^___^ woo! i did have to read the manual, but still… it’s all ready to go! ^_^ just need to get the videotape mailers and take ’em to the postoffice! ^__^

the mpeg version of it should be able to be downloaded from here (not created yet) starting saturday ^_^

*goes to celebrate with a vanilla coke* ^__^

and here’s one more smile, just for the heck of it: ^______^

a shout out to:

dan, peter, stu, meaghan, otakon, apple, adobe, anno-san, queen, everybody who’s made a music video that i’ve hosted on my server (to make me want to make one even better, nyah-nyah ~_^), everybody who downloaded my trailer, and gabe and (of course) will for making a music vid before me which finally got me off my duff and start working on this here one ^_^