who "is" dr. who? where is he "from"? what does he "do"?

i can’t believe that nobody yet has “kickin’ it old-school” as a livejournal interest! ^^;;

this is a really odd song… sounds kinda like “herman’s hermits” singing with some random girl, and they lyrics keep going “they all say ‘who is dr. who? where is he from? what does he do?'”

now i wanna watch some dr. who! ^_^;; i discovered that this place went and got people to archive every single doctor who episode, and so now once a week that page (and other people throughout the week) posts a dr. who episode on alt.binaries.drwho ^_^

ooh! ooh! guess who might have a job tomorrow? my mom works with a lady whose daughter works at a car dealership in town, and so i might work there in the service department there washing cars. not exactly my ideal job, but it should be fun, and i’m taking anything that i can get. ooh! and maybe i could sing! and then as i would work i’d go “wash wash wash, all day long, wash wash wash as i sing my song… all day long, wash that car, make it shine and go real far!” ^_^

but if i did that i might be fired for scaring away customers… ^^;;

stu and kelly and i watched these cheezy movies that i downloaded from the internet archive: movie collection – they’re really really cheezy and mst3k-worthy… frankly, i think that chevrolet should stick to making cars and not make cartoons… *shudder* ^^;;

and it’s starting to lightning and the lights in the house are starting to flicker, and since i have to wake up early i think i’ll head off to bed… ^_^