we all live in a yellow submarine!

went to balmer (baltimore) with dad today – we went exploring! we went and poked around on:

– a submarine

– a lightship (kinda like a lighthouse, but it’s a ship)

– a really really old ship – the uss constellation

– a coast guard cutter

– and a really old lighthouse

we also went and visited this civil war museum in baltimore and learned all about the riot that occured in baltimore at the start of the civil war. after reading one section there about irish and german immigrants joining in the riot, we think we may have been involved since we had ancestors who lived in baltimore at the time who were irish immigrants.

i saw one guy who was one of the demonstrators on the uss constellation who goes to umbc… i don’t know his name, but he knows this one guy that i worked with in the campus bookstore and so they’d talk together and i’d sometimes talk with him too. i also saw this one guy as we were exploring the coast guard cutter who had a tintin t-shirt on – yay for tintin!

and from those places i went to today, i’ve got more questions to use in the trivia in my aim profile! ^_^

i’m also getting to do some web stuff with meaghan! yay!