the supersonic boom should hit you in just a few seconds…

lots of stuff to cover tonight… where to begin, where to begin… ^^;;

went to the temp agency this morning, and they had me fill out more paperwork and watch some videos to inspire us to be good workers and not make manpower look bad for sending us to work with people and i had to take some tests and tell them what i like to do and whatnot and watch more videos all about how manpower’s now my employer and not whoever i go on assignment to etc etc.

so, for the computer test thingy i had to sit at a computer to show how good i am at microsoft word and excel and the computer said “do this” and i did it and then it would say “do that” and i’d do that too. very ho-hum type work, like “put a border around these cells”, or “justify this text”. woo. but, in the end, i scored something like a 98% on word and a 93% on excel, and so i’m apparently a “master user” with both.

then they had me do typing tests to see how fast and furious i can type, and how accurate my typing is. the program says that i managed to squeek out a 6400 characters / hour. manpower considers “good” being anything over 5000 characters / hour. plus, getting everything all correct too doesn’t hurt, either. ~_^

and the final test i had to do was to see how good i am at noticing details – they plopped me down in front of these fake store orders, and i had to check to make sure it had a product name, product number, price, quantity, and weight listed. if it didn’t have a product name or weight listed, i had to check off a box for the order to be flagged. if it didn’t have the order number or the order number was less than two characters and four numbers, or if the order number ended in a “0” and didn’t have a size listed or if the order number started with an “A”, “B”, or “C” and didn’t have a color listed, then i had to check off a box to reject the order. otherwise, the order was good to go. i didn’t finish that task in time ^^;; but overall i scored a Q4 (they have quality ratings going from Q1-Q5 with Q5 being the best), and they said that the only reason i didn’t score a Q5 was because i didn’t finish that detail-task. but it’s all good, ‘cos they like me. ^_^

but, unfortunately, they don’t have a job for me yet. they put me on the list of available people to work, tho, and they say that the state sends in lots of requests for data entry, and they should probably be getting in some new requests soon. also, they get in two types of jobs – short term (about a month at the most), and long-term (about 3 months at the most). and these jobs usually pay about $8 – $10 / hour. ^___^ sometimes they say that they get in jobs for $7 – $7.50 / hour, but those are jobs like stuffing envelopes and cheezy things like that.

so, then i went to the mall to see the people at the museum store, and the sour-looking assistant manager was there and she said “there’s nobody here right now (meaning nobody who does the hiring, i suppose), and the manager’s out of town in china and won’t be back for another week or so.” *shrug*

didn’t get a chance to work on my music vid, since it’s kinda noisy in here when i do that and kelly was taking a nap on the couch ‘cos she’s not feeling very well… ^^;;

oh! and i might be able to order myself some krispy kreme donuts! ^_____^ there’s this guy who goes and delivers them to businesses and people in annapolis for $6 / dozen or $3.50 / half-dozen! and one of the places that he delivers them to is the stationery store that my mom works at! so, mom got the info for ordering them from her boss (‘cos she orders them once a week for her house), and so now i’ve got the details for getting my own krispy kreme donuts! delivered to my house! yummy! ^______^


i’ve also made some other discoveries tonight, that i’ll investigate tomorrow and if it works then people will certainly hear about it. especially megs, ‘cos she knows about it and this thing is also very rare to find up here. ^_^ glenn no baka – i don’t know why i didn’t think of this plan before! ^^;;;;


now… for what everybody’s been waiting for!

*steals the cbs mailbag song from david letterman and sings “letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters… letters!”*

well… i didn’t really get letters… more like replies to my livejournal… but the replies contained letters! and boy, did i get letters! stacks and stacks of them, in fact! ~_^

aeire writes:

Write about…your favourite toy when you were a child, and the games you used t’play. Yes.

…if it’s anything like my really ODD childhood, that ought t’be interesting. *g*

well, aeire, probably my favorite toy was my alvin and the chipmunks stuffed dolls i have… i used to bring them to pre-school every time it was my turn for show and tell. i still have them, too! ^_^ as for having an odd childhood, you know how some people have imaginary friends when they’re kids? well, i had two imaginary friends – called them “my two guys”. real inventive name, yes… ^^;;

pirateninja (shec) writes:

Write about how much ass you kick for making kick ass wallpapers!

Seriously, thanks again.

well, he says that i kick much ass for making kick ass wallpapers, so i guess that i kick much ass for making kick ass wallpapers. you can find them here and here – they’re both designed after the master ninja from, where else? ~_^

pyrop says:

Make cryptic statements about future neobaka plot points.

carrying on from the last question, i’ll answer this in the style of the master ninja from and say “it is a mystery”. ~_^

carson (craft) writes:

Hmmm… you COULD write about something serious, like the most pivotal moment in your life this far…

BUT everyone wants to hear your thoughts on Elephants being not allowed to take public transit… in Haiku form!

hmmm… most pivotal moment in my life this far was probably the time i spun around on a barstool 17 1/2 times on ONE spin at a local diner.

*audience boos* ^^;;;

seriously, tho… i can think of several instances that were very pivotal in my life. being born was one – that changed my life forever! *rimshot* ~_^ another event was probably when i went to philadelphia to do community service in the inner city with some friends of mine. it was lots of fun, and a real learning experience too. and we were able to see the results of our efforts two ways – by helping the poor in the inner city, and by tearing down old rowhouses to rebuild them with habitat for humanity for poor families. yeah… that would be one of the most significant pivotal points in my life… at least one of the ones i can easily think of… ^_^;;

as for my thoughts on elephants taking public transportation (in haiku form, nonetheless!), here goes!:

elephant on bus

pushes people out of seats

a breakdown in grey

so! that concludes the glenn mailbag and the journal entry for the night… if anybody wants to know anything more, ask it! i’m sure i’ll do this again in the future ^_^