the par-tay!

*ahem* if you haven’t done so yet, go and see this journal entry of mine first! woo! ^_^

well, so i went to the party – it was kinda fun… not as much fun as other ones i’ve been to since i hadn’t seen the people i used to work with for about a year or so… ^^;; and there wasn’t much to drink. (correction: not much for me to drink – it’s “bring your own beer”, and so there was only a handful of sodas) good thing our house was right next door when i got thirsty! ^^;;

had a cheeseburger and various snackage. stu’s dad (the mayor) got a sign from the city that was posted in john’s (our neighbor) window that said “unfit for human habitation”. ^_^ john had various elvis songs playing (he’s a big fan – even has a giant tapestry of the elvis stamp in his house!)

found some flyers tacked up in the basement advertising past going-away parties. they were pretty funny – under “featured items” on each of them every fifth item was “beer”. john likes having his parties as “bring your own beer”, ‘cos with all the leftover beer that people bring, he gets to keep it and never has to go out to buy any himself, lol. ^^ “hawaiian shirts” was also listed (standard apparel for the men – of course i wore mine too! ~_^)

also i met this one guy who owns a cabinet-making-shop in annapolis and he says that if i haven’t found any job in the near future, he might have something over there i could do. ^_^ also, the guy who does the photography for the naval academy’s athletics (phil hoffman – great photographer) apparently wanted to talk to me about me designing him a webpage for his photographs. i suppose i’ll get john to get the details from him so i can start thinking up something… ^^;;

I wasn’t around for the goodbye speech though – stu and i left early, ‘cos we started to get bored since there was nobody there our age to hang with… ^^;;;

usually the parties that john throws are really really fun and really really hilarious – dan can attest to that, having attended one with me once. we couldn’t stop laughing after the goodbye speech! ^_^ but that goodbye party was for a guy who was more of a character than the guy who this party was for…. oh, well… ^^;;