tentative quits

i’m calling a tentative quits on going to comiccon. unless i get a giant real-well-paying job through manpower in the next week, i’m not going. ‘cos i doubt that if i got a job after that time i’d be able to afford to go… *sniff* ;____;

to borrow a quote from the lead of the “blind boys of alabama”: “send all your money to me.” ~_^

but, if i do get a really really really good job with manpower in the next week, then all may not be lost! ^_^

*crosses fingers*

anyway… in just over a week from now i’ll give the final decision… june… 16. yeah. that’s my decision-day…


  1. Heck, even some of us with decent paying jobs won’t be going to comiccon. Those of us not going should have a kick ass online convention or something that’s 50 bijillion times better then the SD ComicCon ’cause we’re sooooo cool (translation: because we’re so unfortunate not to go).

  2. Re: Hmmm…

    *makes pirateninja a party-hat that’s all fancy and even has a little flag pop out the top and say “arr!” and stamps it “made by glenn – accept no imitations!”* ^_^

    there! how’s that? ^_^

  3. Yeah! We’ll have the coolest party, and none of the San Diego people will be invited! And if Glenn goes, he won’t be invited either! Ha ha ha!!! Ha ha… *sob* *sob* I still wanna go to the con! *sniff*

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