technical difficulties… do not adjust your set… ^^;;


meaghan goes on vacation and so does keenspace’s reliability… ^^;;

(well, maybe that’s bad imagery… keenspace doesn’t go on the occasional vacation, but it instead goes and sits on its bum and drinks its beer and never works like onslow from the tv show “keeping up appearances”… ^^;;)

anyways… i type up a new message-bit for her comic, i go and make a “glenn sez:” image, i change the notable just like she asked me, and keenspace chooses this time to go and move the comic image to its proper place while not doing anything with any of the other files that need to be filed where they’re supposed to be! -_-;;

so, meaghan, when you get back – IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!! ^^;;;;; *points at keenspace* there’s the guilty party! ^^;;;;;;;

and the rest of you… i’m sure you’ll tell her the same… right? riiight?? ^^;; would a can of rootbeer persuade you? two cans? ^_^;;

and not today, but rather tomorrow, stu and dan and i are taking the bus and the light-rail into baltimore for no apparent reason! whee! ^_^ (well, there is a slight reason… i’m going to start scouting out possible routes / parking lots / modes of transportation for getting to otakon in august… then when meaghan gets back, then she and susan and betsy and evelyn and me and maybe stu will have to have a big pow-wow online to see what the plans are going to be for otakon… ^_^)