swanky! ^_^

went out with stu, dan, and tom last night off to jillians for some videogaming and pool playing and engage in general hijinx at arundel mills… i’ve been there a few times before with these guys, but here’s some new observations i made last night:

– riding in a jeep down the highway with the top down during the day is fun… except when your hair is growing long so you can cosplay as spike from cowboy bebop and your face is whipped by your hair blowing around. ouchums. ^^;;

– jillians is really swanky! especially the bathrooms… these are wilder than the ones i’ve been in at the espn-zone in downtown baltimore where they’ve got little lcd screens all over the place in there so you don’t miss the game. nope, the bathrooms at jillians they practically wash your hands for you. no kidding. i went to wash my hands and saw these two guys by the sink with a bushel-thingy and i thought they were cleaning up, and so when one turned on the water i stepped back so they could do their job. then one of them showed me the soap bottle he was holding and said “this is soap, sir… you aren’t afraid of it, are you?” my mouth was probably hanging open when i realized what was going on… so i got my hands wet, he squirted soap on my hands, dusted off my shoulders, and put a washtowel on my shoulder for me to use when i was done. apparently the bushel-thing i saw was for the dirty washtowels after you dry your hands. they’ve got all sorts of stuff there to help you look real nice… even gum and mints to help your breath smell fresh! if i had any cash with me, i would have tipped the guy… ^^;; also, i noticed that the mens’ room had pictures of women on the walls… kinda like the old glamor pictures… i wonder if it’s the other way around for the womens’ room…?

– we’ve figured out how the pool-table-rental-thingy-system works. so, now, on our 4th or 5th time going to this place then we can finally go and play us a game of pool. which is why we started going there in the first place! ^^;;

– i found the bowling alleys, so now i know that they have real bowling alleys at jillians, and not these imitation video-screen bowling games that i had seen before. ^_^

– i still suck at the commercial-flight-simulator. i think that all the residents of park heights apartments would have had to relocate after my botched landing attempt last night… ~_^

– riding in a jeep down the highway with the top down during the night is not fun. and very cold. and your hair still whips your face because of all the wind blowing around. ouchums. ^^;;

and meaghan made me pictures for my music video logo! ^_____^

here’s one:

and here’s the other! ^_^

so i took the first one, did some *cough*dvd-ripping*cough*, fixed up the picture some and voila!

*glomps megs* thanks again for making me those pictures! ^____^

and in other news, i’m placing my first bids on e-bay… trying to get myself a copy of “tall blond man with one black shoe” – a really funny french movie (with subtitles!) about at man who is mistakenly thought to be a spy by these undercover agents! ^____^ really funny movie! ^__^ just under one day until the auction’s over! *crosses fingers hoping to get the movie* ^^