really! i'm not working on my music vid! this song just came up next on my cd player! ^^;;

so today i went out looking for more job. in the wet ‘cos it rained all afternoon.

i accidentally woke up just before 3 ‘cos i drifted back off to sleep when i was awakened earlier around noon, and was told to go out and look for a job. mom then goes out to pick up sisters from school. so i got up, went to put on a polo shirt, and discovered all my polo shirts were dirty. so i toss them in the wash and wait for my wash to get done. mom gets back home, sees i haven’t left the house yet, and kicks me out until i find a job.

so, i wander around, try different places (one computer solutions place i found was open by appointment only ^^;;), and end up applying to the supermarket down the road, the rite-aid next door, grabbed an application to the camera shop downtown (couldn’t submit it today, ‘cos they were closed when i went by there again) ‘cos they needed someone to work the lab, and even the gap. now, you know my situation’s desperate when not only do i apply to a clothing store, but a clothing store known as the gap. ~_^

*still doesn’t know how he’d do in working at a clothing store*

yeeeeesh. ^^;;;

the really sad thing is that of those places i got applications for today that the gap would probably be the best place to work… when you compare grocery-store, convenience-store, workin’ the lab in a camera-store, and selling clothing… ^^;;

i also tried to get an application to this really neat looking cafe i’d never seen before. “city dock cafe”, it’s called. cool looking place. but unfortunately after i got the application from them they said that they didn’t have any full-time positions open for that location, and the part-time positions were filled up too. ^^;;;

so, i’m on late-night probabtion now… mom just came back downstairs to tell me to go to bed… ^^;;; “no more going to bed in the wee hours of the morning and waking up at 3 pm for me!” the ‘rents say. *sniffle* i like the late-night-life! anyways… so i must head off to bed now…

and hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow. i’m sooooo sick of rain from the 4 hours i spent wandering downtown in it. ^^;;

but! tomorrow night, our neighbor is throwing a party! and we’re invited! yay! ^____^

*is going to get his groove on* woo!