par-tay! ^___^

looks like the party my neighbor’s going to have next door is going to be FUN! ^__^ i used to work with my neighbor (he does the videotaping of the football team so they can review their games) and everybody who’s going to be there when i used to work with the naval academy’s athletic department – i used to troubleshoot their computers and work as a backup for their statistics computer at the football and basketball games.

(you heard that right, i was the backup for the computer. we’d sit in the pressbox for football games or courtside with headsets on for the basketball games. one guy would watch the game and give a play-by-play, another guy would put the info into the statistics program on the laptop (which would do all the number crunching), and my job was to quickly jot down the play-by-play in case the computer crashed. that way, if it did crash, we could recreate the entire game just from my notes. really fast work – especially for basketball games – but lots of fun. and i’d get to see a game for free! and i’d get free food, too! ^_^)

my neighbor is the one who always throws the parties, and when he has them he always invites us over too since we’re right next door and i know all the people who are there. ^_^

anyways, it’s really a going-away party – the guy who’s going away is moving off to fargo to be the head of some athletic department out there.

i see my neighbor “liberated” a blue and gold party tent from somewhere in the naval academy and had it set up, and he also got the van that sits out front at football games and sells tickets to sit at the bottom of his driveway, and apparently he’s getting some guy to put on the billy-the-goat mascot costume and walk around at his party in it, and he even put down on the invitations “special guest: the mayor of annapolis!” ‘cos the mayor lives right behind his house and ours as well.

i’ll put in more details about the party afterwards ^^