now *that's* my kind of philosophy

i forgot to mention this after returning from baltimore the other day. i know of at least dan and stu knowing about my philosophy (“borrowed” from peter, hehe) – when something goes bad, or when there’s something you don’t really like, or something that gets to you, just say “oh well” (either that or “shucks” in my version, hehe) in a sing-songy sitcom-ish type of voice. while it doesn’t necessairily make things better, you don’t get so worked up about things this way.

reason why i bring this up is because on the way home from baltimore i saw this maroon minivan that looked like it was from the late ’80s. only thing out of place about this car was the driver’s side door must have been damaged at some time or another, and it was replaced with a version that was a really bright banana-yellow. it looked very out of place. the thing that i really liked, though, the phrase “WHO CARES?” spraypainted on the door in maroon paint.

i wish i had a picture of that car…

… oh well! ^_^