my plans for tomorrow, for the information of all those glenn-stalkers

gonna wander around for a bit more to find a job (even there’s not really anyplace that i haven’t applied yet ^^;;), perhaps go see if i can find me a blue suit for cosplaying in at otakon, i need to drop off my videos at the post-office, and i’m gonna (hopefully) spring a cameo on susan tomorrow and visit her at work! ^__^

i just realized that i have quite a few songs from bands that played at music midtown a month ago, so i decided to make me a music midtown playlist of songs i heard there! now that’s usin’ the old noodle! ^^

oh, yeah… i decided against distributing my music video starting this weekend, and i’ll wait until otakon – it was pointed out to me that the video might lose its novelty by the time otakon rolls around… ^^;;

since dan’s not drawing neobaka anymore, i’m actually thinking of maybe putting out my own scribble-scrabbles in serial format… all i need is a good topic… ^^; shec told me that i should use pirates for a comic, but with things like this i think he might be a bit biased… ~_^

hmm… a comic with pirates in it… it’d be groundbreaking! ^_^

*remembers* oops, overboard got there first in the pirate genre… ^^;;

and want to hear something really really eerie? the night before dan told me that he wasn’t going to do neobaka anymore i was in bed thinking about what i’ll do when he stops doing neobaka, and i figured i’d freelance whatever i did for neobaka out to people on #4tt… and the next night that was exactly what i had to do. weird, huh? @_@