music vid v.0.998 …and i'm spent! ^_^

IT’S DONE! WOO! ^___^

if you have to ask, then you must have been living in a hole for the past few months… ~_^

just needs megs’ logo now (then it’ll be version 0.999 – i don’t think it’ll ever make it to 1.0 ‘cos i’ll always see something in it i could have done better… ^^;;), and then i can print it to video to mail off, and then i can make versions for people to download and watch! yay! ^_^

*does a happy it’s all done yay yay yay dance* ^____^

now, to start work on my next music vid idea! ~_^ it’s either going to be “princess mononoke” to “linconshire posy” by percy grainger, or “akira” to “boys in the hood” by dynamite hack. ^^ my next eva one isn’t going to be until the movies come out on dvd in late october, where it’ll be the evangelion movies to “symphony #2, first movement” by john barnes chance… won’t be able to submit that, though – it’s 7:31 long! @_@

(btw, “symphony #2, first movement” is a GREAT song to blast out of your speakers… very powerful… especially the version my high school band did… ^_^ i found another version of it once online, and it was WEAK! ugh! ick! no fire at all! it wasn’t green! :P)

now… why do i have “so many men” from ddr stuck in my head?! and it’s only one little section of the song, too! -_-;; just ‘cos i heard it for a split second when i changed mp3s earlier today it hasn’t wanted to remove itself… >.>

*fires up ye olde mp3 player to find a good song to boot out “so many men” out of his head*

ahhhhh… much better… ^_^

apparently susan was stalking me today… she and some pals drove by my house ^^

now… to bed, so i can repeat this day all over again… get up -> look for job -> go to bed… ^^;;