mostly harmless

hehehehe…. would the earth really be labeled as “mostly harmless” in a tourist’s guide? the annapolis job market certainly would be… it’s the farthest thing from cutthroat… it would probably be marked as “myth / rumor”, more likely… ^^;;

sheesh, if i was a manager i would be at my place of work every day… grrr… at this rate i don’t know if these places want me to work with them or not! -_-;;

i did pick up applications to work at staples and best buy… and at best buy i even found a copy of “selling england by the pound” by genesis! last copy, too! now i’ve got one more piece of shiny plastic! yay! ^______^

and the practice mpeg i made today works! ^_^ i thought i might have to tweak the gamma settings (one mpeg i made a long long time before became too dark…) so it’s all ready for distribution online when i add the logo and spend another 3 hours making the mpeg… it comes out to be a 60 mb mpeg (^^;;) – but that equates to 10 megs / minute… not too bad, methinks… only problem is if you set it to play at double-size, it interlaces the video… odd… maybe i’ll have to fiddle with the options for the final encode… ^^;;