it's 1 o'clock and time for lunch… ^^

speaking of that song, they didn’t have the cd with it when i went downtown. poo. ^^;;

but right now i’m looking for something to eat for lunch… i found this in our cupboard and started laughing. it’s so random… hehe…

Dominique’s U.S. SENATE Bean Soup

i mean, when you hear about the senate, do you happen to think of bean soup? or think of the senate when you hear about bean soup? i didn’t think so… that’s why this can seems so silly to me… ^_^

*rummages around in the kitchen to find something to eat*

there! chicken-spread sammich! ^_^ as soon as gizmo saw the can he went crazy and meowed and kept rubbing against my legs ‘cos he likes his chicken. ^^ but we’re all out of cokes, so i can’t have a vanilla coke to go with it… ^^;;;

no replies to the e-mails i sent out this morning… ^^;; none yet, at least…

wandered around to the stores i dropped off applications at last week… either they were too busy over the weekend to look at the applications, or the manager was out (and when i went back later they didn’t know anything about any applications >.>), or the manager was out for the day and won’t be back until later in the week. beautiful. 😛

*wonders if there’s a jam on the metaphysical highway and that’s why megs’ good-job-vibes haven’t arrived yet…* ^^;;;

what was really beautiful was sitting on my bench… i’ve claimed a bench for myself on the state-house lawn and i sat and drank a rootbeer. and it was good. ^_^ it’s when i do things like that i try to guess at what people are doing or what they’d think of me etc etc. just sit and think. and watch the ants run all over the sidewalk. and the squirrels run across the lawn. and people go in and out of the restaurant and flower-shop. and people just walking around. it’s nice over there ‘cos there’s not much traffic to make things all noisy, and it’s very pretty and green and scenic-y. ^_^

at least i got lots of mail today. ^_^ i gots three magazines – a macaddict, a games, and a blink magazine (blink is what we got from earthlink for subscribing to earthlink internet access… but we won’t get it no more ‘cos now we’ve got cable ^^) and something related to the secret-whatever-it-is-project that my mom’s cooking up arrived too… ‘cos she acted really happy and when i asked what she said it was part of the secret project… ^^;;

and now i’ve got 15-30 minutes to chill before going back downtown to pick up my sister from her after-school-care. and we get to take the TROLLEY back home! whee! ^__^

hmmm… i wonder if the way i’m acting is because of residual effects of all those vanilla cokes i had yesterday… ^^;;; those things are obscene with the amount of sugar they’ve got in them… ^^;;;; but they’re really good! ^_^