it must be a vulcan mind-meld… or something… ^^;;

evilyn had some mint chocolate ice cream tonight… i did too… mondo bizarro! we must have some psychic ice-cream link she says… ^^

umm… why did i just say “mondo bizarro”? i never say things like “mondo bizarro”! it’s just… well… bizarre! ^^;;

methinks that tomorrow (well, thursday) i’m going to clean up my room… the other day mom had me go and move these bushels of stuff i brought back home from the dorm out of the little aisle outside of my room that nobody but myself (and anybody going to my room, and the gas man, when he goes to check the meter which is next to my room) goes through. but since it was a mess, it must be eradicated! so, now, no more mess outside of glenn’s room. nope… now the mess is inside glenn’s already-small room! which means there’s a total of about 9 square feet for me to stand on the floor of my room – normally there’s about 15 square feet or so for me to stand… so this is a loss of 40% of my square-footage-standing-space! yes, my room is very small… ^^;;

so as i lay in bed earlier (set my stereo up and listened to my new tunes) i figured, hey, i’ll clean up my room.

hmm… maybe i’ll do that tonight… it’s a great way to tire yourself out when you can’t sleep… i’ve done it before, and while it was weird, it certainly tired me out and i got my room cleaned to boot! ^_^