it is, it is a glorious thing to be the pirate king!

it’s mine! it’s mine! muhahahaha! ~_________^

meaghan’s now left me in charge of her comic for two whole weeks as she goes off to the beach to get her swim on. ^_^ so now i can use her comic to advance my own neferarious purposes…! ^_^ er… *koff* …not that i have any in the first place… ^^;; power-rush, i suppose… ^^;;

and tonight for some reason i decided to search on one of the napster alternates for “pirate” and i found music from the pirate movie, which i remembered watching several years ago because at the time one of my friends was in the play “pirates of penzance”, and we happened to find this at blockbuster. i must say… daaaaamn it has some cheezy ’80s music! ^^;;;; but some of the songs are still pretty good (and they do a semi-remake of “i am the very model of a modern major-general”, with the major-general singing and the rest of the cast echoing “i’m younger than the beatles but i’m older than the rolling stones!” “he’s younger than the beatles but he’s older than the rolling stones… he’s younger than the beatles but he’s older than the rolling stones…!”)

for some reason they didn’t show iron chef on tv tonight… hmm… ^^;;

kelly and dad and anne went off to gettysburg for the weekend, leaving mom and myself here. and mom’s going off to work tomorrow, and stu’s going to have to work, so i’m going to be here all by my lonesome self… ;_; *sniff*

…and somehow i managed to find a ska pirate song… o_o

<chibi> ;_; *cries* waaaaahhhhhh!! i’m so bored!! ^^;;;;;; </chibi>