"is she [excel] on crack?"

i’m addicted to putting things in my livejournal interests section! @_@

tonight watched some of “excel saga” with susan and betsy ^^

and just got a call from susan as i wrote that… eerie…

she must have hidden cameras and stuff here when she was here!… diabolical! ~_^

and tomorrow dad and i are going to “balmer”… as in “balmer, merlin”… that’s how marylanders pronounce “baltimore, maryland” for you out-of-towners… we’re going to go explore around and go on that there submarine they have in the inner harbor and go do stuff since one sister’s off with cousins for the weekend, the other sister has to work, and my mom’s going to be working. ^^ and then depending on what time we get back i might be going out to see shrek with susan! ^^

and i’m surprised nobody’s tried to guess the answer to my quiz in my aim profile yet! tsk, tsk!